25 Long Years Of R&D Excellence in

Nano/Bio Science & Technology

  • ShimyaTech is a Research and Product Development company in the area of nano science and technology, built on over 25 years of academic and industrial experience.
  • The company provides specialist nano science related products and services to disciplines such as Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy.
  • The company has on offer a wide range of innovative nano-materials, and provides consultancy and training courses for a range of market needs

With our extensively experienced scientists, we are the ideal supplier of R&D support and can undertake short- and long-term projects – either in collaboration or independently. We can concentrate on a single aspect or provide complete inception-to-completion project management.


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Shimyatech's R&D mission:

Transfer & Design

Novel Material

ShimyaTech is a company focused on scientific innovation, providing highly specialised scientific and technical consultancy, as well as educational and training services to businesses and organisations. 

ShimyaTech develops novel functionalised nanomaterials and modified surfaces with applications in various industrial fields – particularly the healthcare sector.

ShimyaTech is actively involved with research in advanced material chemistry and biochemical nanoscience, being built on a recognised pattern of Intellectual Properties.

innovative Nanoparticles - products

A recently developed nanocoating technology is being patented to be used on medical devices and wound dressings to induce antibiofilm and antibacterial properties. The technology can be used to prevent biofilm formation or corrosion protection in other industrial sectors (e.g. oil and gas, foodstuffs, marine). We can apply our innovative nanocoating on almost any surface to protect from corrosion or biofilm formation. Please contact us for more information.

Shimyatech invites interest from potential investors for investing in the company’s commercialisation of completed R&D projects. Funding of the projects can be considered at various stages of commercialisation: IP registration; Product validation; Market introduction; Scaling up.

Current opportunities include the following technologies and products:

Anti-biofilm nanocoating technology
  1. Advanced process and technology for the attachment of nanofilms on solid supports for medical usage, specifically investigated and proven on “wound dressing” and “medical implants” to combat the growing impact of bacterial biofilms. We have recently developed hydrophobic and hydrophilic nanocoatings to be applied on metallic surfaces to combat corrosion and biofilm formation in various industries. (PATENT FILED)

  2. Functionalised Nanocomposites from water soluble polymers such as PAA (Polyacrilic acid) and PUD (Polyurethane diol).

    Early studies in collaboration with one of the region’s main universities has proven the feasibility of our research outcome for application in 3D printing.

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Located close to the M62/M6/M56 motorway network, ShimyaTech is easily accessible for our clients from much of England and Wales. For international clients, Liverpool and Manchester International Airports can accommodate most suitable travel routes.