About us

The Company

ShimyaTech, a leading Nanoscience/Technology R&D firm located in Liverpool (UK), benefits from a highly specialised and internationally recognised scientific team.  

As a leading organisation in the field of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology at ShimyaTech we endeavour to develop cutting edge and novel interdisciplinary applications of functionalised nanomaterials and surfaces. The company has followed commercialisation path for its innovations for which it has been awarded over years a number of funding and investment. ShimyaTech is currently collaborating with several academic and industrial institution in R&D projects, and always welcomes collaboration and partnerships to co-develop technologies.


The team

The ShimyaTech’s core team members have strong academic and industrial background from various disciplines essential to the company’s innovation and knowledge exchange mission.


The founder has 16 years academic and 15 years of industrial leadership experience at UK and foreign universities and industries and worked as lecturer, innovator and senior research scientist and project manager. His main interests have been on: surface modification, nanomaterials, electrocatalysts, functionalised materials, sensors, sonochemistry and exploiting emergent technologies in the medical device, nanotechnology, modified electrodes and nano electrochemistry, chemical and advanced materials industries. His first successful commercial product was a nanoparticle synthesis in non aqueous media. The invention received extensive socioeconomic impacts including over 25 publications and patent generations and attracting around 1 million grant funding in total for his research.

He has been developing innovation strategies and programs in nanotechnology, nanomaterials, nanocoating and advanced materials.

Man working in a lab using a centrifuge

Specialities of the team particularly lie in areas such as Chemistry (e.g. Electrochemistry, Surface chemistry, Nano-Chemistry, Sono-Chemistry), Medicine and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry. The company also benefits from in-house expertise in Industrial Engineering, Business Management and Industrial Operations. The team have previously won several local and European research awards, and have established a strong publication track records and grant award achievements due to their trailblazing work in these fields.

THE Mission

R&D partnerships

Shimyatech’s main driver has been to be a leading R&D Nanoscience firm for advancing knowledge and technologies in this domain with focus on novel socio-economic impactful applications.

consultancy services

Capabilities developed at Shimyatech enable us to provide customised consultancy services to businesses and organisations (including further and higher education institutions), from R&D projects to the design and deployment of infrastructural systems.

We also aim to be a provider of quality training programmes, from basic to advanced and tailored courses to a variety of users and organisaitons. This includes programmes both for academic and industry professionals. 


ShimyaTech Uses Novel Surface Modification Techniques

Over the past few years we have developed and perfected advanced nanocoating technology which also includes methods and techniques for surface functionalisation and production of functionalised nanomaterials, forming a complete suite of technology for advanced applications (e.g. antibiofilm, anticorrosion, catalysts and many other modified surfaces).

Wound Dressing Loaded with Ag Nano Particles
Liverpool Science Park

ShimyaTech Ltd
Liverpool Science Park
131 Mount Pleasant
Liverpool, UK
L3 5TF


Located close to the M62/M6/M56 motorway network, ShimyaTech is easily accessible for our clients from much of England and Wales. For international clients, Liverpool and Manchester International Airports can accommodate most suitable travel routes.