Consultancy Services

Laboratory services and methods

  1. Bespoke Design & Implementation of Research Laboratories and Experiments

    Our experts are able to work with you throughout the process of your laboratory design and implementation, new or revamped, to fit the specific requirements and objectives of your lab. We can also introduce and transfer the required knowledge for your experimentations related to sample analysis, product validation and standardisation, R&D processes, and reference material calibrations.

  2. Optimisation of your Nanomaterials Preparation and Analysis

    Our scientific team has strong record of developing and implementing high profile and advanced solutions related to the following, in which we will be able to assist you in the identification and application of:

    • Chemical and surface analysis: Best possible ways to solve your analytical problems.
    • Nanomaterials and Nanobiomaterials Preparation and Testing: The synthesis, characterisation and functionalization of materials and biomaterials, and best methods for analysing your nanomaterials.
    • Nanocomposites: Incorporation of nanomaterials with polymers and plastics for various applications including antimicrobial materials and fabrics.
    • Functionalisation of Materials and Surfaces: Advice and support for novel materials and surfaces for tuned applications.


Nano-science Lab and methods design services
scientist putting a drop in a test tube

Proof of Concept Development

Nanocoating on Glass

ShimyaTech is proud to offer services on POC projects to assist R&D scientists to reach their goals effectively. We welcome projects from various disciplines and industrial sectors including but not limited to:

  • Water and Air Decontamination
  • Separation and Purification of Biomolecules
  • Antibacterial Coatings and Antibiofilm Materials
  • Modified Electrodes and Sensors
  • Bio conjugation
  • Nanocarriers for Drug Delivery and Imaging
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Located close to the M62/M6/M56 motorway network, ShimyaTech is easily accessible for our clients from much of England and Wales. For international clients, Liverpool and Manchester International Airports can accommodate most suitable travel routes.

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