Based on the extensive expertise and experience of the scientists working with the company, the following areas are covered for consultancy services, which will be delivered with complementing training services:

  • Design and implementation of experiments
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Surface and Nanomaterial Testing
  • Sample Analysis and Quality Control
  • Physiochemical Testing 
  • Microbiology and Molecular Biology
  • New Lab Design
  • Facilitation and Calibration of Reference Materials
  • Bespoke chemically Modified Surfaces (e.g. metals, plastics, woods, fabrics etc.)
  • Novel Functionalised Nanomaterials (e.g. metal & metal oxides), non-metallics (e.g. silica, carbon) and composites.
  • Water and Air Decontamination
  • Separation and Purification of Biomolecules
  • Antibacterial Coatings and Antibiofilm Materials
  • Modified Electrodes and Sensors
  • Sonochemistry
  • Nanomedicine
  • Molecular Biology Gene Cloning, qPCR, DNA and RNS Analysis and Protein Analysis 

For more information on our consultancy services, please contact us here.

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