Why ShimyaTech

The company is built on over 25 years of pure and applied scientific academic and industrial research carried out by the core scientific team. ST is a leading organisation in the field of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology and we endeavour to develop cutting edge and novel interdisciplinary applications of functionalised nanomaterials and surfaces.

With our extensively experienced scientists, we are the ideal supplier of R&D support and can undertake short- and long-term projects – either in collaboration or independently. We can concentrate on a single aspect or provide complete inception-to-completion project management.

The ST founder team has a strong academic and industrial background from various disciplines requisite for the company’s innovation and knowledge exchange mission. These include: Chemistry and Nanochemistry, Electrochemistry, Surface Science, Analytical Chemistry, Sonochemistry, Medicine and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Biomedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Business Management and Industrial Operation. The team has a strong track record of publications and funding award achievements.

ST welcomes partnerships to co-develop technologies and to licence organisations its existing know-hows. For instance, a recently developed nanocoating technology is being patented to be used on medical devices and wound dressings to induce antibiofilm and antibacterial properties. The technology can be used to prevent biofilm formation or corrosion protection in other industrial sectors (e.g. oil and gas, foodstuffs, marine). We can apply our innovative nanocoating on almost any surface to protect from corrosion or biofilm formation. Please contact us for more information.

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