About us

ShimyaTech is a company focused on scientific innovation, providing highly specialised scientific and technical consultancy, as well as educational and training services to businesses and organisations. The company develops novel functionalised nanomaterials and modified surfaces with applications in various industrial fields – particularly the healthcare sector.

The main areas of activities at ShimyaTech are:

The company is actively involved with research in advanced material chemistry and biochemical nanoscience, being built on a recognised pattern of Intellectual Properties.

The company benefits from a highly specialised and internationally recognised scientific team whose specialties lie in several areas that include: Chemistry (e.g. Electrochemistry, Surface chemistry, Nano-Chemistry, Sono-Chemistry), Pharmacology and Biology (e.g. Molecular Biology and Clinical Biology). The team of scientific experts at ST have previously won several local and European research awards, and have established a strong publication track record due to their trailblazing work in these fields.

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